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5 Quick Ways To Up Your Insta Game

August 22, 2017

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5 Quick Ways To Up Your Insta Game

August 22, 2017


We’re all on the ‘gram. And we all know which accounts make us green with envy -- and which accounts we would never follow even if you paid us. Here are some quick tips you can start doing TODAY to up your Insta game.


1. Switch to a business account.


Whether you have a business or not, you can use the business features to grow your page.


How to change your Instagram profile to a business account:


Go to “Edit Profile” on your home page.



If you’ve never set it up, you will see this in the middle of your screen:


From there, you connect your Instagram account to a business page on Facebook.


You can choose from a range of different titles, including, “blogger, entrepreneur, public figure, restaurant, health/beauty, etc.”


If you decide you want a different category for your page, follow these instructions.


Once you’ve set up your page, it should look like this:

Your chosen title appears under your name and you now have the option to add a "Call," "Email," and/or "Directions" to your page.


You'll also have access to analytics:


Setting up a business page is essential to track your growth. You'll be able to see how it each post performs and most importantly, you'll be able to make sponsored posts.



 2. Use UNUM. 


We discovered this app from a random blogger we follow on Instagram - and it's brilliant. This answers the question going through everyone's head before posting a photo - "Will this look good on my feed?"


Here's what the home page looks like: 


Once you link your Instagram profile to the app, you can see all the photos you've posted so far, see what it would look like if you added a photo, or even removed one. 


You can also do cool effects, including the grid page:


3. #Research and #Save yo hashtags.


While half the fun of using hashtags is thinking of them, you should also put some elbow grease into it. Find similar successful Instagram accounts and see what hashtags they use. Also try to use hashtags that will give you a chance to be featured on a more popular page. 


When creating and posting content, think about your overall brand. Use hashtags that reflect the voice of the business. These are the hashtags you want to be saving somewhere. 


Writing your favorite hashtags in your notes can lead to an easy copy and paste into your caption or comment.


4. Have a little self-control. 


The secret to having a killer Instagram is self-control. Even if you have the most spectacular, beautiful, breathtaking photo you've ever taken -- doesn't mean you should post it. 


A GOOD photo that matches your brand aesthetic perfectly > a GREAT photo that doesn't match your brand aesthetic.


5. Engage.


Strategically and consistently. 


If you want your target audience to show you some love, you've got to show them some love first. That means commenting, liking, and occasionally following (if they're worth it). And not just "Cool pic!" try to come up with something genuine. Have a strategy of who you want to engage with and DO it. Do this consistently and you will see that followers number creepin' up. 



Comment your favorite tip below or if you have one that you'd like to share with us!



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